Praying Luke 10

Father, I praise you for the times Satan has fallen from heaven like lightning! May his fall continue here in Murfreesboro and throughout the world. I pray we will go forth in the authority of Jesus to accomplish kingdom advances. Protect us from every attack of the enemy.

Send us out two by two. Charge us with preparing the way for the arrival of Jesus. Enlarge our vision of the harvest. Open our eyes to see what you are doing and what you want us to do—here and abroad! Increase the number of harvesters. Raise up harvesters in the harvest.

Teach us to travel light. Give us wisdom to recognize the persons of peace you place in our paths. I praise you for Aaron, Chad and John. You are transforming them and using them to reach others. Transform them into agents of change wherever they are. Teach them to search for persons of peace too. I pray their peace will rest upon others and they will know the joy of hospitality and fellowship.

Give us all the faith to heal the sick and proclaim the nearness of the kingdom. Give us the wisdom to keep looking for receptive families. Teach us to move on when fruit is not being produced and to persist in our search for those who will draw near to Jesus.

Call us to obedience to this passage. Make us restless until we take up the charge. Give us learning opportunities. I pray we find great joy in the successes you give and hope to move forward and reach out into more and more places.

Forgive our disobedience to Jesus. Change us into a “lean and mean” fighting machine. Prepare us for the depths of the spiritual battle we are entering.

In Jesus’ name, Amen


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